Sunday, August 17, 2008

Catdroid v2

Here is another mix of the Catdroid. It is now a bit longer and the strings are removed from part A when it plays the first time (This is BABABABB).




Juan Manuel said...

Argh! Damn you! You are making new music and I did not notice! :)

Hi again, Karo. I'm your musical friend Juan from Spain. I'm very happy to see you online.

Hey! It seems you are following my steps. I had to reduce my studio to a laptop computer 1 year ago. But I really would like to install my new gear soon. Yes! Finally I bought a couple of synths, but no room for them at the moment.

Plese, think about me if you are interested in selling your used gear someday :)

Downloading your new tracks right now...


Karoliina Salminen said...

Hi Juan!

Great to hear from you. Yes, a software synthesizer studio is a lot more versatile than a studio consisting only HW synths. I still plan to use the Virus at least. I have pretty much no use for the Korg Wavestation. The Boss DR-660 drum machine is also not in use. The Nord has a broken potentiometer which needs to be fixed, thus it is not in use for that reason right now. Also there is no editor for the latest MacOSX for the Nord. I have a Java-based editor though which works most of the cases. But I haven't used the Nord so much anyway (because the damn potentiometer which happens to be the most important one on its user interface).

I may do a third version of catdroid because there is a little glitch on its bass line and then I need to maybe replace some of the sounds (possibly the pad-sound, take that from Virus b) to make it sound nicer.

Best Regards,