Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sky Party in San Francisco

I last night transformed the Sky Party concept I presented here earlier into a full length song. I am suffering from some sleep deprivation now, but I think it came up pretty nicely together. Here is the link to the mp3:

Sky Party in San Francisco.mp3

The song deserves to be played with a subwoofer and loud. You can imagine me playing this on the Borel Hill next to Silicon Valley (that was the idea I had when I was composing, the source of inspiration so to speak). Enjoy!

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Every song has a some kind of story. Here comes the story of this song:
"Close your eyes. Take a deep breath and drift away, drift away for couple of minutes. Imagine a trance party in top of the Borel Hill (next to Skyline Boulevard), near to Silicon Valley and San Francisco.

You arrive at the party in a hybrid car Toyota Prius. There are couple of electric cars and hybrid cars parked on the parking place. You drive via the Skyline Boulevard and you see the altitude getting higher and higher. Pine trees go by on the sides of the road. You find a parking place with a superb view to Silicon Valley. You cross the road, follow the trail and climb up to the hill and join the party.

You see to both Silicon Valley and to the Pacific ocean at the same time. It almost sunset and there are status clouds on top of Half Moon Bay (and Pacific Ocean). You can see these clouds from the top side and the red and orange colors of the sun setting down. The view is awesome. You look at the another direction. You can see the lights of San Francisco coming up, planes taking off and landing on San Francisco International airport, small planes landing on Palo Alto and San Carlos. You can see also the enormous Moffett field building. Lights are coming up as the day darkens. Palo Alto and Mountain View are directly on front of you down when you look to the San Francisco Bay side.

The grass-filled hill looks really beautiful in the sunset as the day is about to turn to night. You can see the marvellous colors and enjoy the view and enjoy the party. It is called a Sky Party!"